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What to Expect at DC3





Residence Life:

  • Disinfecting stations are available throughout the DC3 residence halls. They include both hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes.
  • Students are encouraged to clean surfaces in their residence hall rooms often!
  • Students are asked to practice physical distancing by keeping 6 feet between themselves and others.
  • When moving into the residence halls, students should pack lightly. (In case of a state-wide emergency, such as a COVID-19 outbreak in the community, the campus may have to be evacuated quickly.)

Student Life:



  • All Conquistador athletics are set to begin during their usual time slots during the academic year.
  • All incoming Conquistador student-athletes are encouraged to receive their COVID-19 vaccination before arriving on campus.
  • For updates regarding policy changes within Conquistador athletics, please stay in touch with our social media (@GoConqs) and our website at​​
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